No Spend Month — Week 2

The number.

Last week, I figured out the number.  I cannot control what you think of the number.  Perhaps I can just leave that number out of this month.  Call it ‘a lot.’


From May 29-June 27, subtracting gas, groceries, and gifts, I spent $817.57.

My first thought was how?  But I looked at the list of purchases and could see it.  It goes here and there–lunch at work, several days a week.  A few Target runs, a Groupon deal, some dinners out on the weekend…

Day by day, swipe by swipe, it all adds up.

In contrast, this week, we *almost* did it.  We went all week without spending, until Sunday, when we had lunch and ice cream with one of our best friends who was visiting from out of town.  Without question, we just pushed pause on this little experiment.  Many of our dearest friends live far from us, and when we get to be with them, we’re committed to making that time valuable.

But as far as no-spend month goes, this was a successful week.  Before Sunday, I’d gone 8 days in a row without spending a dime.

What surprised me was that it wasn’t hard.

Even without Starbucks.  Even without Diet Coke.  Even without frozen yogurt, or a TJ Maxx stop after work, or a dinner out with my husband, or online browsing in the evening as we relax.

In fact, I’m enjoying reclaiming those minutes that used to be devoted to finding the next thing to ease my life, complete my home decor or round out my wardrobe.  Day by day, they all add up.

It’s almost as if all this stuff really doesn’t have an impact on my sense of peace or joy or satisfaction.

2 thoughts on “No Spend Month — Week 2

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  2. We can totally relate to this, although not by choice. I lost my job in February, fortunately my wife kept her job. We’ve found out what we need or won’t sacrifice (World Vision sponsorships, etc.). Neither of us miss any of the extras and we’ve seen how God has been providing for us in ways we never realized or considered. What we’ve “losted” is nothing compared to what we’ve gained.

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