One Year Blog-iversary

It’s been one year since I paid WordPress, snagged a panorama of the Los Angeles skyline, and started a blog.  I wanted to write about social justice, about the ways I was learning to be engaged in this work right from my own home.

Then I learned that no one wants to read about that, according to some article I can’t even remember now.  But it basically said you can’t gain an audience that way.  Well, phoo on them, and thanks to you, I thoroughly don’t believe it.

I believe regular, ordinary people like me care about important causes and wish they could do more and enjoy learning about the work of making this world more right.

Then my life shattered when we lost Kate and Lucy, and everything got more personal.  It created an internal conflict for me, because writing helped me process my life, but I didn’t originally set out to write a personal blog.  Something didn’t sit right if I thought about writing about me.  Then a friend wrote me and said, Thanks for being a real person in leadership, and for putting voice to so many important subjects.

That is where we will continue to go in year two.  I hope I am a real person here, who writes about important things.  Writing about myself is for the sake of the former and writing about justice and faith is for the latter and I hope never to confuse the two.  Justice is still the heartbeat of this blog, but you’ve already noticed that I’ve added more on other topics.  And since I enjoy writing about them, I will.

To celebrate year one, I’m listing out my favorite posts.  Since many of you began reading in January, it’s likely some will be new to you.  And whenever you began reading, thank you.  Thanks very much for taking the time.

Hope you enjoy!

In year one…

Cheers to year two!

2 thoughts on “One Year Blog-iversary

  1. Meredith, I just began reading you blog last week. It was recommended to me by fellow Hillside memebers after learning that I too had suffered a pregnancy loss. I find your writing (on all topics) to be very honest and from the heart. You definately have a gift for putting into words what many of us wish we could adequately express. Thank you for sharing your gift with us! Happy Blog-aversary, and keep on blogging! God Bless You

  2. Thank you for your honesty. Continue to write about what God places in your heart, non-personal or personal. Someone may be helped.

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