I Learned Some New Words

I learned some new words this week:


the generation of Americans who come back to the nest with their $200,000 diplomas in hand and swathed in the comfy blanket of parental-protected unemployment.


When said adultescent knows they can still stay out late, sleep in late, and generally lounge around in life because their parents will let them/pay for it.

Kiddie Couture:

Designer brands (like Burberry) targeted for children under age 5

Snowplow parents:

[Parents] who try to clear every obstacle from their children’s paths.

In just two weeks, our students start to come back.  Summer is my favorite season in all ways except for work, when it gets too quiet and boring and you feel like the tinman because they are the heart of why you do this.  Over the summer, as I’ve Facebook stalked kept up with some of our recent grads, I’ve certainly seen a few settling into a funemployed, adultescence.

(I’ve also gone to lunch down the hill where oodles of small humans wear kiddie couture as if it were as easy as building a baby wardrobe from Target and TJ Maxx as it is from True Religion.)

But I have a theory.  Grads, twenty-somethings, young adults, whatever you want to call them–want to work.  They want to make a contribution to the world.  They just don’t want to hate it and feel like the tinman all the time, growing stiff and squeaky with no real heart in their work.

Some of the most fun and engaging opportunities I had were during college. I spent a summer at a camp I love.  I spent the next three summers on a children’s ministry team that got to plan insanely messy parties and teach surf lessons.  Because I had financial support, I could be fun-employed, doing work I loved that payed, well, not nothing.  At camp, I think we made about $130 a week.

We worked 6 days a week and were woken up several times a night to either take a kid to pee or throw a shoe at an intruding raccoon.  And it was, honestly, a great job.  They all were.

And I don’t think I’d be the same adult I an now without them.

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