It’s a…

Yesterday we found out the gender.

It’s a…secret.

For a little bit.  Just a few weeks to let it sink in.

But all is well and healthy and we’re grateful.

With our first pregnancy, we told the world (announced it to our church on a weekend I was preaching) within 5 days of finding out ourselves.

I love telling early; that’s really best for us.  But this time, we knew for a couple of weeks and hadn’t told anyone but my in-laws.

My parents were preparing for my dad’s retirement after almost 32 years pastoring our church, and we waited until the last bit of that celebration to, well, still tell the whole world.

Those couple weeks where it was just us were really nice.  The news settled in a bit; we started to dream about the future; we made dorky jokes about it all.  So we’re doing that again.

Promise to tell soon.

Thank you for your prayers for this pregnancy and for this baby.  It means a lot.

2 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. I anxiously waited all week knowing your scan was coming up to find out if it was going to be Bab Boy Miller or Baby Girl Miller…I guess if the whole world has to wait a couple of weeks (Curtis wouldn’t give it up) so can I 😉 Most importantly, baby is healthy and doing well! You and Curtis and Baby have been in my prayers daily and will continue to be.

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