4 years down

It’s been four years.

August 15, 2008

Considering we have so many wonderful friends who’ve gone for 50 and up, this can feel puny.  But part of our strategy for hanging with the big boys is to celebrate important little things along the way, each little celebration adding up, like interest.

Before we were married, I gave Curtis a present after returning from out of town. Each goodie had a note on it:

For now.

Nothing more to the jelly belly choice but knowing you have to bring something home from vacation.  That’s the rule.

For five years from now.

We’re not quite lined up with five years exactly, but close enough.  We were gifted a copy at our shower this weekend, and when Curtis re-read it, he welled up.  He usually does.

For 50 years from now.

I lose things.  Keys, sunglasses, phone, American Express card.  They vanish in plain sight, which I argue does not make them truly lost.  The credit card, I knew was in the house, I just couldn’t find it.  Someday, I will lose my teeth, and my marbles, and hopefully Curtis will have me covered.

We are, as we were last year, on different ends of the country for our anniversary.  No matter, we’ve got time.

Four years down, forever to go.

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