Tasks vs. Authority

I love the Leadership Summit, but it’s been years since I’ve been able to attend.  My husband was able to go this year, and didn’t rub in one little bit.


So I followed along vicariously.  One quote hit me good and hard, especially since the reason I couldn’t attend was because two of my sharpest, hardest working students had already returned, a full two and a half weeks before classes began.

They were there to start creating our school-wide day of service.  The event kicks off the year, with 1,400 people serving with about 70 non profit partners for the morning.

It’s executed by meticulously following a 6-page checklist of tasks.  Naturally.

(It was 5 until this year.  Is that a good or bad sign?)

Enter some leadership wisdom.

If you delegate tasks, you create followers.  When you delegate authority, you create leaders.

-Craig Groeschel

Sometimes I worry that I am a better task-accomplisher than I am leader.  More of my identity than I want to admit is wrapped up in being a person who produces.  I produce this event.  I produce church curriculum.  I produce blog posts.  I produce a small human, hopefully.

When your identity is too wrapped up in accomplishing tasks, you are only as good as the number of checked boxes.

So this year, my one goal for myself with the students I lead is to truly give them authority.  I don’t want to turn them into task-accomplishers.  I want to empower them as leaders.

To be a force for good.

To be advocates for justice among their peers.

To be owners of the cause they represent.

To do the rich, slow, significant work of righting some of the wrongs in our city.

2 thoughts on “Tasks vs. Authority

  1. that quote really hits home…as a girl scout co-leader, I have struggled to find balance with leadership. “what are they learning by me doing everything?” that is a quote for me to “marinate” with for a while.

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