Happy Friday Reading

Happy Friday to you!  This week I spent two days off work recovering from our big event last Saturday.  This included a mix of personal work I was behind on, errands I had been hoping to run, some couch sitting, a doctor’s appointment (we have to go every two weeks for a stretch) and the A’s game (at Angel stadium.  This is not he same as the Angel’s game.)

It also included some good reading, so I thought I’d pass three of my favorite pieces from the week onto you, for your weekend reading pleasure:

Empathy is a human trait, not a feminine one, and to insist otherwise plays into the old stereotypes. Men are no less capable of empathy than women are of analytical and logical reasoning. We make a mistake when we exaggerate the differences between the sexes, resorting to rhetoric increasingly polarizing and divisive, tendentious and demeaning.

How Marriage Changed My View of Men, by Marybeth Baggett, with David Bagget

The brilliance of “The Colbert Report” is its refusal to dismiss or denigrate the religion with jokes that equate faith with idiocy or churchgoing with bovine surrender. Instead Colbert attempts to extricate what he sees as the essential message of Christianity from the piles of intellectual rot and political carpet bags that have been piled on and around it in the last 10 years.

Stephen Colbert Wears His Religion in His Punch Lines.  I will say that I don’t think the author’s use of ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ is very well done, but then again, I actually think those two words are rarely helpful when it comes to describing one’s theological perspectives.  That aside, I enjoyed the article, probably because I think Colbert is really quite adept at representing Christianity.

This post pulled together so much of my ambivalence about the 9/11 anniversary:

I am not saying that mourning and remembering for the loss of our own nation is wrong. Not at all. But I am saying that it’s incomplete if we don’t also mourn and remember some of the very people that our nation – “in the name of freedom“-  has been responsible for their death.

The Other Side of 9/11, by Michelle Acker

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