Costco, TOMS, Ankles


While shopping for the food for the Spring Break service trips party (more on that tomorrow), I noticed something at Costco.  Christmas stuff.  Lots of it.  I hate when holidays roll out commercially long before their time.  Fall first, THEN Christmas.  Grrr.

But this time, I particularly freaked a little because I have a Christmas baby growing inside me.  This means he might actually show up in the not too distant future.

I shake my fist at you Costco.


TOMS has brought in officially cute shoes.  Because let’s face it, the flats are ok, but we’ve tended to buy them to support the cause more than to make a fashion statement.  And for some, the classic design is a comfy shoe (I am not one of those people.)  But they’ve been moving into cuter territory.  I love my wedges and wear them at least once a week.  But these?

Even better.


I cannot buy said TOMS because my ankles have vanished and I don’t know when they’ll come back.  I was sitting at church last Saturday, looked down, and saw…no ankles.  No little bones on the top of my foot either.  Just puffiness.


Lest you confuse my Costco freakout or ankle loss for complaining, let me be clear.  I’m thrilled that Christmas is coming so soon, even if it is marked by Costco jumping the gun.  I’m happy to lose my ankles if it means this child is still growing healthy.

You see, we moved into being viable not long ago.  The weight of that overwhelmed me.  We might not lose this one.  I hadn’t really let myself believe it.

Hope you’ve had a great week!

One thought on “Costco, TOMS, Ankles

  1. Meredith:
    So happy you have reached the “Viable” stage! Colin and Kelsey were born at 31 weeks gestation weighing 3lbs. 15oz. each and the doctors said they would only reach 90% of their adult height. At 6’3″ and 5’9″ I think the doctors got that wrong.

    Praying that Riley gets here when he is suppose to and that you and Curtis can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

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