Bringing Back No Spend Month

It’s No Spend October, did you know?

Didn’t I just do this?

Yup.  In July, we also did No Spend Month.  And then in August and September lots of things about life felt crazy and excessive.  Excessive busy-ness, excessive weight gain (it’s true, doctors are saying it’s happening too fast…just bein’ real for ya’), excessive baby related spending, excessive time in the car.

And yet, there were shortages.  I was short on rich conversations with friends, short on good meals around the table instead of the couch, short on reflection, short on quality sleep, short on real rest.

Some people remedy their imbalance of excess and shortage more spiritually than I do. They create a plan for personal devotion, Scripture reading, and prayer.  Every morning before dawn, probably.

I force myself to stop buying Doritos.  It is my spiritual act of worship.

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