Everyday Advocate: Facebook

The Half the Sky documentary is on my DVR, and I am eager to watch it, since I learned so much from Sheryl WuDunn when she visited our campus last year.

I learned about it when a friend mentioned it in her status update.  Otherwise, I’d have missed it.

Many of our church members have committed to a half marathon in January for Team World Vision.  They’re in base training, getting their bodies ready for the full 12 weeks of training ahead.

I hear how their training is going, and see people donating to their run in my news feed.

The status of a sharp, passionate woman I went to college with.

Is Facebook a potential time suck full of, paradoxically, mindless drivel about traffic and the weather alongside intense commentary on the upcoming election?  Yup.

But can it be a place where we learn from one another by kindly sharing our heart for justice from time to time?


One thought on “Everyday Advocate: Facebook

  1. How funny. I also saw this as a result of social media, but I didn’t get a chance to record it. And I meant to ask you if you watched it. Did you read the book?

    (BTW: Did you record both parts? Maybe I can watch them tomorrow night if you haven’t deleted them yet?)

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