Keep On

I couldn’t totally believe it.  As I sat in an auditorium last week full of people who were totally passionate about human trafficking, I had a sense that I had not found my sweet spot when it comes to justice.

Of course I care about trafficking. And education equity, and environmental stewardship, and extreme poverty, and immigration reform.  But are they my cause, so to speak?

It’s a question I enjoy asking students–what is your cause?  What’s the thing that you get really excited about tackling?

I am realizing that I don’t know my own answer. At least, not totally.

And so today I want to say to those who do, whatever it is you love so much it makes you angry, keep on.

That thing that is so wrong in the world, and you cannot believe that no one else seems to care about it like they should.  That cause that makes you want to launch into a mini sermon that would all boil down to ‘don’t you see it?’ Don’t quit on it.

You must keep on.

Now, if you can, find grace in the midst of it.  You may be right; people don’t see it.  It’s true, they don’t care like they should.  But in the midst of that reality, don’t beat them up for it.  Not even in your mind.  Find grace for them, for their journey, for the many, many reasons that they’re not there yet.

After all, you were not always this way.  Someone taught you to see it.

And perhaps they see do see it, but they are just not sure where to land when it comes to finding their cause.


Tell me, have you found your cause?  What is it?  How’d you find it?

3 thoughts on “Keep On

  1. Mer, I love this encouragement. Thank you!. Ya now, I don’t know if I found my cause…or if it found me. Seeing how systemic poverty affects families, communities and an entire country continues to grab my attention. I wrestle with the wealth that some nations and people have (myself included) and the how very little others have. I think my passion is to find ways where these two groups can learn from each other and serve one another: the materially poor and the spiritually poor coming together.

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