Everyday Advocate: Gifts for Kids that Do Good

The Everyday Advocate series focuses on things that regular people like you and me can do to help in the world.

It’s time for the second annual Gift Guide, highlighting gift ideas that help do good in the world.  I search around for gifts that I think are truly awesome, products I’d be interested in even if they didn’t support a good cause.

Today I’ve got seven cute gifts for kiddos, with ideas for grown ups to follow.

Each gift idea supports artisans in developing countries, supports the work of community development organizations, is certified fair trade, or works on a buy one, give one model.

With Christmas shopping on the horizon, we can take the opportunity to leverage our purchasing power for something more than just consumerism.

This Indestructible Soccer Ball, $40, works on the buy one, give one model.

One World Futbol seeks to distribute their indestructible soccer ball around the world to keep kids playing.  Play is a significant and therapeutic practice for kids, and this ball, which won’t go flat, even if punctured, doesn’t need a pump, and holds up to rough terrain is one way to be sure play has a place.

Every $30 plush monster you buy provides a twin monster to love for a refugee child.

Ok, this one’s awesome.  Two kids started making these plush monsters with the goal of a buy one, give one model.  They connected with World Relief, who helped them realize that dream by ensuring that each Monster to Love (yes, that’s what they’re called!) you buy provides a “twin” for a refugee child, who often arrives with no possessions and is greatly comforted by a stuffed toy.

They come in lots of other colors too, but I love the blue guy.

Also from World Relief, how cute is this backpack?!?

This backpack, $32, supports the community in Burundi, Africa.

And these aprons?

Such pretty colors!

This “Safari in a Bag” set, contains a tree, giraffe, hippo, zebra, elephant and lion.

How cute are these cotton animals?

For stocking stuffers, how about a travel Tic-Tac-Toe game?  It could be great to bring on a trip to see family.

Fair Trade Travel Tic Tac Toe game.

Or this pencil case that’s recycled and fair trade.  Bonus points for that!

This pencil case comes in various colors.

For more Fair Trade gift ideas, see last year’s gift guides here, here and here.

Find these gifts and others on my Pinterest board.

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