Everyday Advocate: Gift Guide for Grown Ups

The Everyday Advocate series is all about finding ways to do good in your real life.  Here’s my gift guide for grown ups; click on the photo to visit the product website. You can see what I found for kids here.  And all the gift ideas I find will also be on Pinterest.

Let me kick off with coffee.  Last year’s guide told you how I buy coffee at Sprout’s now, because it’s organic, shade grown and Fair Trade.  I just couldn’t find another coffee source I felt right about recommending.  That has been remedied.

I love coffee, and am realizing how much I also love half and half.

As Green As It Gets supports coffee growers in Guatemala, sending $10 from each $12 bag to the farmer.  (A typical grower for a major distributor would get $2.50.)

The other $2 goes to Mission Impact, a community development organization.  My friend Michelle and her husband Gerber work for MI, who, among other things, help families build clean water filters for their homes.

As Green As It Gets also offers choices for the roast that you get, in case, for some reason beyond my comprehension, you don’t want the dark roast.

And here are some other great gift ideas.  Clicking on any of the photos will take you to the product.

This apron resembles Anthro, to me. But it’s supports World Relief’s partnerships in Burundi, Africa.

This Fair Trade tote is just so pretty, and there are other designs.  Raven + Lily supports businesses run by women in the developing world.

For a foodie, you can find fair trade grill tools. This set is just $19.

Or infused olive oil.  (I’ve tried this one…it’s yummy.)  One is infused with peppercorns, the other with dried chiles.

I love this pitcher, not that I have room for it. Again, I love turquoise.

I know these are rice bowls, but I use one like this on my bedside table for jewelry, bobby pins, etc. You could pick up the set of 6, put some chocolates inside, and have 6 great little presents.  Again, very Anthropolgie. That’s where I got mine, and these are just like them.

Speaking of chocolate, I like it.  And fair trade is pretty important in that industry.  Here’s a whole section of flavor choices.Are you a milk or dark chocolate person?

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