Because. [A (Not Here Yet) Baby Update]

So here’s the deal…

This baby was due December 20th.  It is 10:09pm on December 26th.  He is no where is sight.

Because we do not want to induce, we go in for some ‘make sure he’s fine’ tests tomorrow, at 41 weeks.  Standard stuff.  Assuming, as everyone expects, that he is still fine, that buys us some time to wait for him.

Because Curtis, you know, needs to be there, and because he leaves for his last set of graduate classes on January 1, we did schedule induction for Sunday the 30th.  We hope we don’t have to do that.

Update:  we postponed that induction to January 3, the absolute last date we are allowed to, and Curtis will either head to school late or take those classes next January, depending on the timing.

Semi-ranty side note:  Please do not tell me your induction story, good or bad.  This is one of those I-have-super-particular-birth-preferences-and-will-get-annoyed-at-anyone-trying-to-influence-my-thinking things.  Keep your induction opinions to yourself and absolutely feel free to talk about how weird I am behind my back.

Because waiting for a child to arrive is apparently more consuming of my attention span than I’d imagine, writing anything else of substance is unlikely.  So the next post will include some sharing of baby-ness, and writing on faith, justice, students, etc. will return in January.

In other news…

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We found space for nearly all our Christmas traditions, especially my mom’s amazing homemade cinnamon rolls.  We tried to see Les Mis and all the showings were sold out.  We saw Les Mis when dear friends invited us to their Christmas dinner and just happened to have an Academy friend with a copy.  I love L.A.

I heart Tillman.

I heart Tillman.

Speaking of loving L.A… for the New Year I have the Rose Parade set to record, with Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards commenting, because they are, undeniably, the very best at it.  The Natural Balance float is one of my favorites, and the Salvation Army band is my favorite part, every time.

The Salvation Army is a big part of my roots.  Did you know they were the first denomination to include the ordination of women in their constitution?

The Salvation Army is a big part of my roots. Did you know they were the first denomination to include the ordination of women in their constitution?

What are your traditions, or did you do something new this year?  Hearing your holiday stories would be a lovely thing to do while I wait around hoping to go into labor.

4 thoughts on “Because. [A (Not Here Yet) Baby Update]

  1. Awe Mer, 29 years ago I was waiting for Heidi to be born, she was induced on the 30th, a tax write off for Cliff, a blessing for me since my ankles were the size of my thighs.. If Riley will be anything like Heidi he will be a happy baby. As far as traditions, always never have Christmas on Christmas Day, so Cliff can fly everyone to where they need to be, but when we do spend Christmas together we are together with breakfast, gifts, lunch, naps, snacks, dinner and dessert… So a lot of eating, but mostly being together.
    We love ya, and can’t wait to welcome Riley..

  2. My tradition is to tell everyone my induction story….just kidding. My mother always worked on Christmas Day. She was a telephone operator in Los Angeles. So we always had a large family tradition at her sister’s house on Christmas Eve. My aunt had a beautiful home and always set a beautiful formal table with china and crystal. I remember the long formal dining table and the crystal chandeliers. There was always a children’s table and it was set with china and stemware, as well. I remember my cousin Christa and I sitting at that table in our finest clothes, clinking the stemware together and being, oh so, adult. The family would exchange gifts and the cousins would put on a “show” and then as I was getting really sleepy, my parents would drive home with me urging them to hurry for fear that Santa would have already been to our apartment. All of my family except my aunt and my cousin Christa are now gone…the house is gone…and the long dining room table, china, and stemware are just a memory. Every Christmas Eve, I take a pause to remember. Remember the elements that made Christmas special, but mostly to remember the people. The people made Christmas special. Now there is a whole new set of people and I am the one setting the dining room table with Spode Christmas Tree dishes under our crystal chandelier. And yesterday, I spent Christmas with my cousin Christa and OUR children were at the children’s table 🙂

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