I Got Paper Towels for Christmas!

The Everyday Advocate series focuses on small, regular choices that we can make that promote justice in the world.  Today, I’m sharing about a present I got that helps the environment.

It may seem strange to be excited about paper towels as a Christmas gift, but I really am.  To be fair, they were a stocking stuffer, not an ‘official’ present.

I have always been a bit of a paper towel prude in our house, preferring to use rags or dishtowels if possible.  My husband will attest that I would cringe when he used paper to dry his hands or wipe down the countertops in particular   So, kind man that he is, he found these:

Bamboo paper towels!

Bamboo paper towels!


Bamboo paper towels that you wash and reuse up to 100 times per sheet.  Each roll of these bamboo paper towels saves you from using 60 rolls of the traditional ones.


Did you know that paper towel use creates 3,000 tons of waste paper each day?!?  That was news to me.

And I did a little math for ya’.  These cost $20 for two rolls.  At Costco, 120 rolls of Bounty cost $40.

So far, we’ve used a half dozen or so of the sheets.  The only tricky part is remembering that they don’t go in the drier.  After washing, we use a magnetic clip to hang them on the side of the fridge out of the way.

I love ’em.  And they have resolved our paper towel tension at home.  Win-win.

P.S.  I know this may sound like an infomercial.  It’s not.  I really got these for Christmas and I love them.  Bambooees has no clue who I am or that I have issues with regular paper towel use.

One thought on “I Got Paper Towels for Christmas!

  1. What about all the energy that goes into getting the water pumped into your house and then the energy needed to clean the water again?

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