Welcome Baby Boy!

Not long and yet forever ago, we had a son. Here’s a snapshot of that experience. If you receive posts by email, I apologize for the glitch, but here’s the complete post.

The facts:

Born Friday, January 4th, 8:54am.

8 pounds, 10.2 ounces, 22 inches long.

We waited until the absolute last minute in hopes of a natural labor, but it didn’t come, so we began our induction at 9:30pm on the 3rd.

For a lot of reasons, I wanted an unmedicated, low intervention labor, and a pitocin augmentation scared me. There were some times the pit was too high and it made it hard. But we went ahead with our plan and did a natural birth.

The funnies:

Moments after said natural birth, dude is sitting on me, all alert, big blue eyes blinking. I stare at him, all in love and oogly like, and then feel something warm. Yup, alive 5 minutes and he pees on me.

The boy has giant feet–so big they don’t fit in the pre-shaped feet spots on any 0-3 month old outfits by like, half an inch at least, even though the rest of him fits in ok.


The faith:

Do you ever have times when you just wish you could restart?  New Years, or a major birthday perhaps, something that just makes you want to turn a corner, leaving behind all the old stuff, and chart something entirely new?  I often want fresh starts in my life.  But I am realizing that when I do, I hope that God will do it in a certain way.  I hope that he’ll give me something new from scratch, totaly disconnected from my present circumstances.  Leave the past behind, never to be heard from again.

When we talk about the creation account in the Bible, the fancy-schmancy term is that God created the world ex nihilo, from nothing.

That’s what I want.  A new, bright season, ex nihilo.

More often, though, I think God forms new things out of the stuff of our present, not out of nothing.  When he works in our lives, it’s for redemption, taking what is and transforming it.  It is paradoxically something totally new and different than what was that is intrinsically connected to what was.

With Riley, part of what that meant was that, by coincidence, we labored in the same room I labored with Kate and Lucy.  We delivered in the same room.  We had one of the same doctors. And our past and present wove together, and God redeemed those spaces in that hospital and I remember them now in a totally different way than I did on January 3rd.

And it is very good.

by the amazing Jenna Taliaferro from Bragging Writes on Etsy.  Seriously, she is just the best.

by the amazing Jenna Taliaferro from Bragging Writes on Etsy. Seriously, she is just the best.

3 thoughts on “Welcome Baby Boy!

  1. That picture makes met want to reach into the screen and kiss those sweet cheeks. He is beautiful!! I hope you knew I printed out the last picture and took it to Sunday School and sent it around the room. The ooohs and aaahs were something to hear.. Looking forward to seeing him in person soon. Sue

  2. Wow Meredith! He’s beautiful! And it’s amazing to hear how God put you in the same hospital room. I’ll be thinking about your comments … God giving me a new start, but making it out of my present circumstances. Thanks for sharing.

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