Blood for Missions

Have I mentioned that college students pull off some great stuff?

Most recently, our students partnered with Blood for Missions to host a blood drive on our campus.  We’ve long wanted to work with Blood for Missions, and it finally worked out.

The model is simple.  You host a blood drive and each successful donor = $20 for charity.

And let’s face it, if you’ve given blood before, you know you don’t really care about that T-shirt or water bottle or whatever ‘thank you’ they give.  So instead of a thank you gift, you provide money to a cause.  Even better, it’s a cause of the hosts choice.  As long as the charity meets a few parameters, you can give to the organization of your choice.

Over a few days, students raised $2700 for our spring break service trips, plus they provided much needed blood for SoCal hospitals.


Win win win.  (Name that show, and then tell me if you’ve kept watching or given up on it.)

Live in southern California and want to raise money for a charitable organization?  Check out Blood for Missions.

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