For My Birthday

In two weeks, I turn 30.

In two weeks and one day, I run my first half marathon since January 16, 2011.  I had to look at my calendar just to remember when my last event was.

I began running half marathons almost ten years ago, but they took on a whole new meaning in 2010, when I ran my first 13.1 Los Angeles for Team World Vision.  Money raised by Team World Vision supports clean water projects in the developing world.

There is something amazing about training for something beyond just my own goals.  So I came back in 2011, and tried to engage in the fundraising more–not my strong suit.  But I believed in the importance of clean water around the world.

Then I trained for 2012, pregnant with twins, and made it through 11 mile training runs just a couple of weeks before the race.  But one week before the race, I went into pre-term labor and lost my daughters Kate and Lucy.  The next Sunday, at the finish line, I thought about my pain and realized this happens all the time around the world.  Mothers grieve children they lost not by biological fluke, but preventable water borne illness.

Watching teammates and my parents finish the race, I realized that running was part of my grieving. And running is part of my hope.  Running can change the lives of mothers like me, saving their children.

Now, over two years since my last race, I am ready to run again.  So the day after I turn 30, I am running the La Jolla Half Marathon.


I run for my daughters.  I run for my son.  I run to get back in shape after being pregnant for literally 14 out of the 16 months before my son arrived.  I run to kick off my 30s in a healthy way. And I run because nothing matters more than showing God’s love to the most vulnerable in this world.

I know you never planned to get me a birthday present, and I know the rule you are taught since you are 3 is not to ask, but oh well.  Since I am turning 30, my hope is to raise $30 per mile, which would give 7 people clean water for life.

If you would be willing to give me water for my 30th, you can visit my race page to learn more.

*Update 4/25:  It looks like my race page will no longer accept donations.  I don’t know what that is, but I assume it’s because I exceeded my goal (THANK YOU!  $485!!!)  and the original race event was in January (sorta had a baby then…kinda busy.)  So I’ve set up a page with charity::water to pledge for my birthday.

Thanks! And Happy My Birthday to you!

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