5 Quick Facts About The Car Wash

It’s June!  School is out, summer is in full swing.

Today’s Quick Facts have me excited, because who doesn’t love when the easier thing can also be a just thing?

Getting your car washed is generally the better choice not only for the environment, but for people too, and here are 5 quick facts about why.

1.  Your car is grody. Dirty cars don’t just have dirt on them.  They also have pollutants, like heavy metal, oil, grease, etc.  These things are bad for us and the planet.

2.  Washing the car takes water.  Obvi.  But the less water you use, the better.  A garden hose uses about 11 gallons per minute.  The amount used by a car wash will vary, but is generally less than what you’d use at home, even if the hose is not continuously running.

2b. I’m sorry I said obvi.  I don’t know why I did that.  Please still be my friend.

3.  Wash water is grody.  The pollutants on your car end up in the wash water, and where your car is being wash will affect what happens next.  When you wash your own car in the driveway, the water will likely go directly into a larger body of water, like the ocean.  The pollutants from your vehicle head straight there.  In contrast, a the wash water from a carwash will either a) be recycled or b) flow to a treatment center before hitting a larger water body.

Wash water often goes straight to the ocean, untreated.

Wash water often goes straight to the ocean, untreated.

4. Your tip matters.  In my community the men and women who finish your car, wiping down every last spot in the heat of the day, are working poor, meaning they put in at least 40 hours a week and still may not be over the poverty line.  A generous tip for their speedy, sweaty, detailed work is one way to be kind and honor them.

5.  If you cannot afford a car wash and tip, self-serve car washes offer all the environmental impact for a small amount of money (often a few dollars).  Plus, they are shaded, which gives you less streaks on hot days.

So there you go.  Five reasons to skip the driveway car wash this summer!

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