40 Years

On this day…

In 1936, Gone With the Wind was published.

In 1953, the first Corvette was built.

In 1962, Sandy Koufax pitched his first no hitter.


In 1973, Donna Eaton married David Burns.

At my wedding.

At my wedding.

That’s 40 years, for you who hate math. (And if you do, I feel you. Math and I aren’t friends.)

From them, I learned that real-life marriage is about making choices and trade offs.  You choose to do things just to make the other person happy.  You choose what to have for dinner and who gets what side of the bed based on the hope that the snoring will go away from your ears.

You choose to keep promises.


You trade off some days alone in order to be a golfing buddy.  You trade off (some of) your giant collection of study books for the sake of a little more sanity in the house.

Perhaps most of all, they found a way to do family and faith so that both worked well for us.  Sometimes you trade off family time for church life.  Sometimes you trade off church commitments for family.  In those trades, our family and our God were honored.


Over 40 years, my parents cultivated their marriage.  I am so grateful they have, and hope they celebrate years and years more.  Happy anniversary!  I love you both very much.

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