Two Year Blog-iversary

This little blog turned two last week!  To celebrate, I did a little look refresh!

Here’s a look back on year 2:


The most popular posts from this year were my letter to My Freshman Self and to my son about His Sisters’ Birthday.


I wrote less in year two, 70 posts vs. 173 the first year.


The Everyday Advocate series was by far my favorite, because I love thinking about normal ways that a person can stand for justice in their lives, like heading out to the car wash or buying different sugar off of Amazon.


I moved all things baby over to Elevensies, so that this would stay a place to write about my original themes.


The past year and a half has just been a bit nuts.  We lost the girls, got pregnant again, I got a new job, had a baby, quit my old job. We sold our house, moved in with my parents, almost bought a new house, lost the new job, all while having an infant.  And now here we are.  We are ok.  We are intact.

A friend just encouraged me to find ways to savor this season.  She commented on how we rush through these types of times, eager to get to traditional stability and structure again.  But when else will I be able to go to swim lessons at 2pm for 2 weeks?  When else will I be able to sit and write crummy first drafts during nap time?  When else will I be able to exercise each morning and walk again at night?  Maybe never.

The thing is, I needed this break.  I needed to be home with Riley-the-bottle-hater, needed more sleep, more exercise, more sunshine.  I needed time to let my mind wander all over the place, sometimes processing, sometimes daydreaming, sometimes contradicting what I thought I’d ‘figured out’ the day before.

I must confess that I want to make meaning from this hard season, not so that I can actually learn and grow, but so I can have it processed and behind me.  I think maybe I just need to live right now, and trust that meaning and learning will come, in time.  No rush.


Thank you for reading.  Really, really, thank you.  It’s a real treat to feel like I have a corner of the blog world all to myself.  I like this little nook where we sit and chat about doing well at doing good, not because we have it figured out, but precisely because we don’t.  Let’s grab a Diet Coke again soon, ok?

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