4 Reads for your 3 Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend!

If you’re looking for some reading over your 3-day, here are four pieces I enjoyed recently.

1.  In 43 days, I’ll be running a half marathon for Team Living Room on World Hospice Day.  Each day, they send out a short story of one of the guests they’ve served.  They are beautiful and inspiring.  In fact, they are the reason I managed to eek out a very unfun 5.5 miles in today’s muggy disgustingness.  Read them all here.

2.  This piece looks at the ways poverty affects the cognitive faculties.

“Poverty imposes such a massive cognitive load on the poor that they have little bandwidth left over to do many of the things that might lift them out of poverty – like go to night school, or search for a new job, or even remember to pay bills on time.”

“The condition of poverty imposed a mental burden akin to losing 13 IQ points.”

3.  This isn’t brand new, but I still think it’s cool.  It’s a soccer ball that generates electricity.

4.  I have a friend who is involved with The Junia Project, a community of men and women advocating for biblical equality.  She wrote a nice piece called “How I Became a Christian Feminist.”  Next week, I’ll be wading into this topic a bit with the 5 things I wish every male egalitarian pastor would do.

Happy holiday weekend!  Don’t melt!

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