In Which I May Have Found My Cause

Alright.  I got a donut and a Starbucks misto with bold coffee and whole milk.  Baby is napping and this little blog needs some love.  So I imagine the next few posts will be recaps and reflections on the past little while.

photo 3

The past two Wednesdays I had the honor of speaking at Pepperdine University’s chapel. Both talks will be on Vimeo soon, and when they are I will share them here.  I created each one from scratch just for them, which I loved and found challenging.  Thank you to all of you who prayed for week two, which was especially tricky.

The chapel dates came on the heels of a six week children’s curriculum series where I primarily learned that, no, I cannot write/make videos/be creative that fast.  Maybe when the kiddo is older, but not right now.  I am glad I tried though.  But it meant that nothing was sweeter than walking into that hotel room with my family and spending 24 hours in Malibu.

photo 1 photo 2

Especially since at that point the Dodgers were still in it.

After chapel the first week we went to lunch with our best friends.  Riley loved the swings, which was fun, since we tried them a half dozen other times and he just stared in a bored way.  We think that salty air makes swings better.

The second week Curtis and I made a date out of dinner Tuesday at a restaurant by the same swings.  So we ordered, went to the swings, and came back when the food arrived.  (When you eat at 5:30 in a trendy city, you pretty much have the place to yourselves. Also, all restaurants should have swings.)

photo 4 photo 5

I wrote a while ago about finding your cause.  I think that many of us care about injustice broadly, but really get excited about one or two causes above the others.  Clean water, human trafficking, access to quality education, homelessness, food insecurity, racial discrimination, preventable disease, empowerment through trade, women’s rights, children’s rights, peacemaking, HIV/AIDS, immigration reform, creation care.  Something affects us deeper than the rest, even while we care very much about all of those issues.

For a long time, I didn’t think I knew my cause.  I cared about a variety of issues, but couldn’t hone in on the one or two things I really want to focus on trying to change in the world.  My second week of chapel shed some light for me.

I think my cause is helping those of us “afflicted with affluence”, as Bill Hybels said, connect with God’s heart for the poor, broken and marginalized.  I get most excited not about one individual issue, but about trying to engage people who do not feel the effects of injustice to respond to it as if they do.

justice-quote-ben-franklinI think I knew that, to some degree, a while ago.  But I couldn’t see it, somehow, as I worked with college students day to day.  It’s been almost a year since I was working with them full time, and in the year I have struggled with how I do this kind of work when I don’t actually do this stuff for work.  I haven’t known how to write here because those students are the reason I started this blog.  Speaking to them again helped me see that I love this too much not to try.

And for that I am very grateful.  #ayowaves


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