#Instagratitude November

Yesterday I began a little personal project. I am really looking forward to it. The concept is simple, but the impact significant. For the month of November, I am on the hunt for things to be grateful for. When I find them, I will take a picture of them and post it on Instagram.

The timing comes for two reasons, the first, more obvious one is that Thanksgiving is a few weeks away and Christmas is right behind it. I want to enjoy those seasons in the full spirit of gratitude they inspire.

Second, I just got a smartphone.  I have never owned one, not for any particular reason other than not needing it and not wanting to pay for it. But the time came to switch.  If you have had your phone for quite a while, you may not remember the transition.  Let me remind you that your first few weeks with a smartphone involved cultivating new habits that were not in your life previously–talk to text; on the spot traffic info; never eating at a bad restaurant thanks to the Yelp app; something to do while waiting in the drive through.

So before I become too set in my phone ways, I want to get into the habit of using it to capture good things. It is so easy to use it to post about long lines, rude drivers, bad service. It is an instant outlet to vent and receive the gratification of commiseration from your Facebook friends.

Not so this November. It is a butterfly net, sweeping over delicate, beautiful, little things. Holding them in hand, gently, palms open. Acknowledging that they don’t belong to you, but they are with you now, so they should be enjoyed.

#nakeybaby #nofilter #Instagratitude #Day1

#nakeybaby #nofilter #Instagratitude #Day1

Beyond the timing, the Instagratitude project is one small way to cultivate the kind of heart I want to have, one that sees all that God gives. One that sees plenty, not scarcity.

Each week I’ll post a few highlights here.  You can follow the whole thing on Instagram (meredithannemiller).

Want to butterfly hunt with me? Use the hashtag Instagratitude (lots of people are doing something like this, especially this month, kind of fun!) Not on Instagram? Just take photos for yourself. No smartphone? Pen and paper!

Any net will do.

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