Fair Trade and Fabulous Gift Guide – Holiday Decor

It’s one of my favorite recurring segments–the annual Holiday Gift Guide full of Fair Trade products.

This year, I am especially excited because I teamed up with Katie, a friend and fabulous creative person.  She is the owner of Gold Bug Design and I am so thankful she put her graphic design skills to work to help you better see the lovely things we found this year.

We are kicking off with home decorations for you or a friend!

Fairtrade-&-Fabulous_Home-Decor-Gift-Guide 2

1. Gumball Garland.  Serrv.org.  What great colors, whether on your tree or maybe in a girl’s bedroom.

2.  Metallic Votive Holders.  Serrv.org.  From India.  While there are more metallic goodies during the holidays, these really can go year round.

3. Sheltering Cave Nativity. 10,000 Villages.  From the Palestinian Territories.  I (Katie) got something very similar to this when I visited Bethlehem.  I like the ways it’s carved, especially that you can see the wood’s natural shape on the backside.

4. Capiz Star Ornament.  10,000 Villages.  From the Philippines.  How pretty are these?  They’re made of shell, so they could go beachy, but the metallic trim is very traditional.

5.  Sisal Squirrel.  10,000 Villages.  From the Philippines.  This little guy is very Pottery Barn, and he has a mouse friend, too.

6.  Glass Ornament. 10,000 Villages.  From India.  This comes in three pinecone style shapes.

7.  Holy Family Nativity. 10,000 Villages.  From the Palestinian Territories.  I (Meredith) love this Olive wood carved nativity.  I know they usually include fluffy sheep and humble shepherds, and I love that kind too, but there’s something lovely about just the family, sheltered together.

How do you decorate for the holidays?  Traditional colors or fun ones?  Lots of things in the house or just a few?

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