Fair Trade & Fabulous Gift Guide – Host Edition

It’s time for another installment of Fair Trade gift ideas for the upcoming holidays.  While a bottle of wine is a standby, we’ve got some creative ideas for other items to thank the host.

Fairtrade-&-Fabulous-Gift-Guide 2

1.  Winter Wonder Condiment Bowl.  10,000 Villages.  From India.  The holidays are prime time for little treats, like candied nuts, and this could hold them so well.

2.  Honey Oat + Apricot Soap Set.  Raven and Lily.  From India.  Soap = useful gift.  Useful = good gift.  And these scents are feminine but not perfumey in a bad way.

Another option with a more masculine (but not too manly) scent:  Eucalyptus Hemp + Tea Tree Soap.  Just B B Just. From the USA.  This company works with artisans who are homeless.

3.  Padauk Salad Servers.  10,000 Villages.  From Cameroon.  These are such pretty wood that they could be used with any salad bowl.

4.  Tea Towels. Noonday. From India.  I love these towels; they are so cheerful and feel a bit Anthropologie-esque.

5.  Soup Mix. Trade as One. From the USA.  If the host has spent a long time cooking, it’s nice to offer them something delicious and easy for the day after the party.  This soup mix serves six, and can be made vegan if desired.  Bonus, for just $6 plus a pretty bow for the bag, this little gift doesn’t break the bank.

6.  Chocolate. Trade as One.  Because, chocolate.

So much can be said about the importance of Fair Trade chocolate and here’s a great post to get your started. In short, child/slave labor is the backbone of the major chocolate brands, and switching to Fair Trade is a great way to put pressure on those companies to source their cacao ethically.

7.  Coffee. As Green As It Gets.  From Guatemala.  Each $12 bag puts $10 back in the hands of the actual coffee growers, the largest amount I have found for Fair Trade coffee.

While there are not a ton of different roasts to choose from, the essentials are covered.  Bring a strong dark roast on New Year’s Eve to be ready on New Year’s morning, or some decaf to be brewed with dessert.

What do you bring the host?  Or, as the host, what do you hope to receive?

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