That Time I Changed My Husband’s Mind

Over at The Junia Project, Curtis and I co-wrote the story of how he became an Egalitarian.  It was a strange experience for the both of us, and we had a lot of fun telling the story.

She said:  I picked my seminary, in no small part, because it fully supported women in ministry.  They had decided the issue long ago, and so I expected to experience a learning environment that responded to me as a unique person, not as my gender.  This was indeed the case.

I studied theology in undergrad and went straight on to grad school.  Eager for a change of pace, I decided to start with the Greek Intensive.  It’s the only class you take for the quarter, which meant I could bank on three months without having to read a book or write a paper.  As a bonus, it was capped at 25 people, and became a great way to make friends as a new student.

He said: find out at The Junia Project

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