Learn: day 4/31 days of free writes

I’m linking up with the 31 Days writers with a month of five minute free writes, each following a one word prompt. I have no day three because the new baby made me sick. Whatcha gonna do?


I can’t remember when I started to learn about poverty and justice. My mom worked in nonprofit relief most of my childhood, and my church was partnered with ministries in developing countries early on.
So I knew a bit from those contexts.

But I guess what I wonder is when I learned to learn about it the way I did in seminary, or working at the university… Did that start in college? Did my misguided but well intentioned interpretations of short term trips from high school play a part?

Somewhere along the way people taught me to learn about justice. They taught me to release the perspectives I held mainly through privilege and try to consider issues of poverty by looking at systems and history. They are the ones who told me I’d move close to the heart of Jesus, not further away, as some people claim.

I don’t know when I first learned, but to whatever degree I am still learning, I owe it to those first teachers.

That’s time.

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