Rest and Work- Days 12 & 13/31 days of five minute free writes

All month long I’m writing five minute, edited posts based on one word prompts from Kate Motaung.


Rest and Work. (A catch up post.)
Curtis and I have observed sabbath in a serious way for just a few seasons of our life together. Working for a church often makes its practice a bit hard to observe if you are looking to take an entire day off together. We usually find other ways to observe worshipful rest.
As we have reengaged with Sabbath by taking all of Friday off, I have been reflecting on it a bit.
I am increasingly convinced, especially because of Father Greg, that meaningful work is a cornerstone for transformation for people in poverty.
I am also convinced that those who are not engage in meaningful work are not really resting. I think they are restless. I think they wonder about their worth when they are not able to do meaningful work. I think they question their value, because really we all want to add value to the world.
The stories from Homeboy of the men and women seeking to leave a life that includes gang involvement, the stories of chronically homeless men and women who live in Los Angeles’ Skid Row, the story of my neighbor down the block, they share a common set of fears, including that you are less because you do not work.

No one wants to be less.

And that is at least part of the reason why I am discontent with the stereotype of the freeloading poor.

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