Away: Day 14/31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writes


We moved away from California 4 months ago, almost to the day.  People have asked how we’re doing, how we like Illinois, the church, how Riley’s doing.  Here’s 5 minutes on life since we’ve moved away:

  • I really like my job.  My team is fun to work with, and they care very much about the work we do, the families we serve, and the volunteers who make our ministry go.
  • It’s really fun to write curriculum when you also have money to execute ideas.
  • Curtis and I love the church.  Our history already inclined us to like Willow, but I suppose there was a chance that being on the inside wouldn’t live up to our hopes.  But that is not at all the case.  We have enjoyed being here so much.  In particular, the value on music and creative arts is high, and as people who really love music, it’s been a joy.
  • Curtis has plugged into a Sunday night gathering called The Practice.  It’s been a huge part of him feeling like this place is for him too, and not that I just dragged him to another state.  He’s also contracted to teach our K/1 class on the weekends.  He’s loving that, especially last week’s PJ day where he got to buy a Superman bathrobe.
  • Riley is thriving.  He LOVES the nursery and LOVES his daycare.  Our house is two blocks from a park, so he can tell us when he wants to walk there.
  • Recently, Riley learned our church’s little prayer intro, where you open and close your hands and then fold them up.  He srunches his eyes really tight to pray and the first time he did it at home I cried.

As expected, some things are a bit tough:

  • We haven’t made friends yet.  We live far from the church, as do a lot of people who go there.  Our weekend commitments mean we don’t really have a chance to mingle.
  • I miss In-n-Out.  Seriously, nothing is worse for a pregnant Californian than to not have access to In-n-Out.
  • We anticipate a move right as/after baby #2 arrives.  That’s a few months out, but we’re trying to think that through.

That’s time.

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