Long: Day 17/31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writes

(I know it’s the 20th..I’m playing catch up on my ‘daily’ 5 minute free writes.)


Last Thursday our family met Sarah at a park and took pictures together, our first formal photographs since Riley was 10 days old.  Sarah came waaaay recommended, and she was not oversold in the least.  Nothing was posed; we just played. The shoot felt exactly like what we would have done as a family at the park, complete with letting Riley soak his socks, shoes and pants in the awesome puddles.

At the beginning of the time, she asked about our family a bit, and if there was anything we were looking to capture in the shoot.  I said no at first, because the truth felt a bit vulnerable.  But then I confessed–we’ve come out of a long season of hard.  And we’ve been here four months now, and it just feels like a good time to mark that we are not where we were.

Sometimes a season ends abruptly, like the turning of a page.  Sometimes it ends so slowly, you hardly notice it at first, like a setting sun that leaves light behind for a while.  Ours was more the latter.  So taking some pictures in the glow of a setting fall sun, felt like just the thing to say It Is Well.

MILLERFAMILY-SarahCarter2014-4840 MILLERFAMILY-SarahCarter2014-4950 MILLERFAMILY-SarahCarter2014-29 MILLERFAMILY-SarahCarter2014-4566 MILLERFAMILY-SarahCarter2014-4997 MILLERFAMILY-SarahCarter2014-4324 MILLERFAMILY-SarahCarter2014-19

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