I Made a Craft

I do not craft.  I do not Pin craft ideas, or DIY this and thats.  Crafting makes me tired, and it falls right near the top of Things I Don’t Do, below cooking, of course, which is always at the top.

But this past week, I made a craft.  Specifically, I made a felt Nativity set for Riley to play with.  And I did it for one major reason: race.

little people baby Jesus

I could articulate that less starkly, but that’s the truth.  I didn’t want a white baby Jesus with a blond tuft of hair, which is what the Little People set includes.  And that set is the only toddler friendly toy Nativity on the market.  I wrote about this last year, and in want of any solutions 12 months later, I chose to craft.

My felt Nativity is not that cute.  Mary and Joseph are out of scale to the shepherds.  I forgot to make angels and I’m still too tired from the first round to go do that, though I plan to. The stars are wonky.

photo 4 photo 5

But the people are lovely shades of felt that look more like the Ancient Near East and less like Europe, less like the Little People toys, less like me or my son.

photo 3

It may not be very pinnable, but I do think, in a small way, it’ll help our family welcome the Christ child.

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