Welcome, Peyton

Five weeks ago at this time I was in labor, but not totally sure it was labor, you know?

But it was labor, at a little after 8pm, Peyton Austin was born.  He weighed 8lbs and an ounce, was 21″ long, with his daddy’s dark hair and dark blue eyes.

IMG_2028 IMG_2041


Riley really loves Peyton, and has been full of hugs and kisses. Whenever Peyton cries, Riley says, “Uh-oh! Baby Peyton needs our help!” He pats his head and mimics our “sh-sh-sh” rhythm.

IMG_2049 IMG_2067

In the final weeks before Peyton was born, I was having a particularly hard time with the fact that we haven’t made many friends here yet.  It felt scary to be having a baby when we don’t have people.  Then someone offered to set up meals for us, and total strangers signed up.  And one of them also gifted us a much-needed baby swing since her kids are grown past it.  I’ve been able to attend church while on maternity leave (work means I often catch up online after the fact), giving me a chance to meet people and start to make some connections.  For all this, I’m very grateful.

So we’re five weeks into being a family of four.  We’re learning how to give each kid the love and attention they need.  I find that I miss Riley, in a way, since I don’t get to spend time with him in the same way I used to.  We’re learning how to get out and about during the day and tag-team bedtime.  Most of all, we are learning to be generous with each other, trusting that we all love each other and are doing our best.

One thought on “Welcome, Peyton

  1. I’m so thankful to read all about Peyton and Riley! I’ve been waiting to see this new little one in your family…love the pictures and your blog! I know you must be wondering what you did with all your spare time before this little one came along. It’s amazing how much a person can squeeze into a day! Our love to you, we miss you and wish we were close by but maybe you’ll come to this area for a visit, we can hope. 🙂

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