Taking Stock

Ages ago I loved Becca’s post over at While You Were Napping, and I’ve kept the template ever since.  This was surprisingly hard to fill in, I found, which was a clue that I probably need to do it more often, just for myself.  

Making: Plans for a date with Curtis.  We are celebrating our birthdays (mine at the end of April, his back in mid November.)

Cooking: I don’t cook.  You know this.  But I’m planning to bake some breakfast cookies, which have been out of rotation and needing to get back in.

Drinking: Green smoothies.  Simple Green Smoothies — both on Insta and in book form–makes me happy.

Reading: Coffee + Crumbs.  This collective blog on motherhood is lovely.  These women sound like my people.  It’s hard to find mom-people. This also led to reading Women are Scary by Melanie Dale.  Hilarious and helpful.


Wanting: Recommendations for allergy season.  I’m terribly allergic to pollen, and my California shots are useless in Illinois.  So I’m on the hunt for great OTC options.  Hippie cures–sorry, homeopathic options–welcome too!

Watching: I was so late to the New Girl party.  But that’s my go-to.  Netflix and New Girl while I do the dishes.  I know, fun night at my house!


Playing: Outside!  All day outside.  We play in the driveway quite a bit.  I pulled out paintbrushes and put water in a paint can for them yesterday and we made that last forever.  (30 minutes.  In 3-year-old world those are the same.)

Eating: Pad See Ew with extra broccoli from the Thai place down the block.  I love that there’s a Thai place down the block.

Not Eating:  Whole 30. I’ve been the worst pseudo-Whole30-er ever.  But I’m still eating more veggies than usual. So, win?

Wishing: I could go surfing.  I’ve just missed it recently.

Enjoying: The Daily 5 app, which has  a simple template for 5 minute morning and evening journal entries.

Loving: How Riley and Peyton love each other.  Peyton says ‘brother’ now, first thing when he wakes up for the day.  And Riley hugs and kisses Peyton goodnight and says, ‘I love you.’ Riley doesn’t say ‘I love you’ to anyone else at this point.

Hoping: For complete healing for my dad, who many of you know suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury (aka TBI- a subdural cranial hematoma) the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Many things are much better, but we are working through a small setback at the moment, which has renewed our prayers for a miracle.

Listening:  I’m learning to listen to my inner voice a bit.  It’s telling me I’m more introverted than I used to think, that I need better finish lines in my life, that I really want to be running again. And I’m re-learning to listen to God right now, mainly while I run.

Needing: This painting for my dining room. 42×90.  Heloooooo gorgeous.

IMG_1235Smelling: Either Yankee Candle’s Sun and Sand or Anthro’s Aloha Orchid.  I know Volcano is big for a lot of people, but I love Aloha Orchid.

Wearing: A pedometer.  Willow’s in this crazy 100-Day Step Challenge, so I’m using it as extra motivation to get moving.  We’re all in teams of 7, and the step-count idea is a fun option compare to distance or minutes, because even little bits add up.  It’s been fun!

Feeling: Hopeful.  Summer brings walking to work, outdoor family time, a new rhythm in my job, some visits with friends, strawberries and cold brew coffee.  I’m so ready for this season.

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