Creating a Rhythm of Life – A Toolkit- Plus The Launch Pod Episode 6 & 7

One of the more transformative seasons of my life started when my “Quiet Time” broke.  I’d always believed the Quiet Time was the pillar of my faith.  30 minutes. Daily.  Bible. Journal. Check, check, check.

I enjoyed spending time with God.  I enjoyed reading Scripture and prayer.  But I did my Quiet Time before bed (which was slightly less spiritual than first thing in the morning anyway) and when I went to college, I couldn’t any more.  Bedtime was too late, class was too early.  It stopped working.

No Quiet Time?  Was I really a Christian without one?  (I’m kidding…)

In time, my tiny box of Christian living called the Quiet Time was expanded by ideas such as…

  • We live in seasons, and different seasons need different things
  • God makes us unique, and there are unique pathways to connect with God
  • God’s kindness and grace flow into our whole lives, not just a formal 30 minute window allotted to God.

I replaced my rigid idea of quiet time with a flexible idea of rhythm of life.  I began to see how I could adjust my faith practices for a season to keep connecting with Jesus in my real life.  I could include new things, leave others to the side, experiment with faith practices, and create a way of going through my week with Jesus, without it being a burden.

That’s what we hope this Rhythm of Life Toolkit offers you too:  a chance to reflect on where you are and where you hope to experience Jesus more, as well as consider how you might adjust to the season you’re in so that you can connect with Jesus in your real life.

We organized it around 6 areas–things we want to cultivate as values at Pomona Valley Church.  They aren’t the only ones a person could choose, but they are good guideposts:

  • Practices that help me connect with God
  • Being generous with my resources
  • Caring for myself mentally and physically
  • Cultivating rich and meaningful relationships
  • Honoring the image of God in people who are different from me
  • Living joyfully and sustainably

The toolkit will help you reflect on those six areas, then consider just 1-2 you’d like to focus upon in the season you’re in.  From there, it helps you pick a few practices that are connected to those areas.

On The Launch Pod “Rhythm of Life” episode, I walk through the tool in a ‘mini-workshop’ episode. So have the Rhythm of Life Toolkit handy, either in print or on a device with some paper and pen.  The podcast will give you an overview, and then it’s self-guided from there.

However, if you have questions or feel stuck, let us know!  We would love to try and help, and you can email us at pomonavalleychurch[at]



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