The Launch Pod – Episode 8 – Neighboring & Justice

We’re back after working out a couple technical kinks that came along with switching up the way we record the podcast. This time, we are extending the conversation from episode 5 about how we want to follow Jesus into the world, together.

We look outside the walls of our community to talk about neighboring well and doing justice and share stories of how we’ve experienced these in our own lives.

Here’s a link to the NIH study mentioned in the podcast.

Buy and read everything Father Gregory Boyle has written.

There’s also the next installment of “What Curtis Read This Week”. Curtis wanted to show that not everything he reads is profound and meaningful…and he did that very effectively. If you’re feeling nostalgic for the days when your dorm-mates were searching for illegal pirated copies of Office Space so they could download them and burn them onto a DVD, click this link.

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Get in touch at PomonaValleyChurch [at] gmail [dot] com

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