The Launch Pod – Episode 9 – Values, pt 1

There are certain values that we hope will be the very first things people think of when they think of Pomona Valley Church. These are Sacrifice, Openness, Relationship, Authenticity, and Diversity.

In this episode we tackle the first four of these values, saving Diversity for its own episode.

You can find it now on Apple Podcasts and Google Play

We talk through what we mean by each value, give some stories of how we’ve seen them in action before, and give a little preview (where we can) of how we hope to equip Pomona Valley Church to embody them in the future.

We also share some exciting news (for us) about the next steps in making Pomona Valley Church a reality….spoiler: we have our Communitas staff page!

On Openness:

On Authenticity:

Get in touch at PomonaValleyChurch [at] gmail [dot] com.

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