The Launch Pod, Episode 10 – Values – Diversity

We wanted to devote a whole episode to our final value, diversity, both because it is, in some ways, the most controversial of our values and also because it’s the one that most benefits from a more thorough, nuanced discussion.

We talk about our commitment to diversity in race, culture, gender, sexual orientation in particular–though those aren’t the only expressions we hope to embody as a church.

Curtis and I each sketch out one way (of many) one might think about “what the Bible has to say” about LGBTQ inclusion.  Each comes from a different starting point, and both are rooted in a high view of Scripture.  As a listener, you may resonated with one or the other, or neither.  Our hope was to begin sharing how we might have different starting points as we engage with the Biblical text, but come to the same conclusion that our LGBTQ brothers and sisters will be fully part of what we’re creating in the church.

There is also a decidedly more somber installment of “What Curtis Read This Week“.

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Some related resources, which are far from comprehensive, but quite good:

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One thought on “The Launch Pod, Episode 10 – Values – Diversity

  1. I read what Curtis read this week, too. This article is important. I’m glad that a living wage is something that can be included in our discussion.

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