Statement of Faith

We mentioned having a Statement of Faith in our last podcast episode.  Here it is…


We believe in a good God who created all that is. This God exists eternally as Trinity – one God in three persons.

God, out of great love, became human in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is both fully human and fully God, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born to a virgin named Mary.

Jesus, as the only perfect embodiment of God, lived, taught, suffered, and died on a cross by order of the Roman government. He rose from the dead on the third day and is alive. The totality of his life, death, and resurrection is for the purpose of reconciling all things – people, relationships, and creation as a whole – to God.

Through the Holy Spirit, God is present and active in creation, particularly so in the lives of all who follow Jesus.

The Holy Spirit inspired the authors of the Bible. When interpreted with the help of the Holy Spirit and according to their purpose and context, the diverse parts of the Bible provide a trustworthy and true revelation of God and God’s reconciling work in the world.

All people are equally created in the image of God and made to be in loving relationship with God, each other, and creation. Sin and brokenness disrupt that intended harmony, so God invites all people, through Jesus, to experience healing and reconciliation. This is most fully expressed in and through the relational context of God’s family, the Church.

God then invites all people to join in God’s work of reconciliation, both in helping others be restored to loving relationship with God and in working to align all of creation, in every facet, to God’s goodness and love.  

Jesus will return one day to complete the work of reconciliation. All of creation will be restored to reflect God’s goodness and love, and all that is wrong will be made right. Those who have been reconciled to God through Jesus will be raised bodily to enjoy the renewed creation with God forever.

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