FREE Easter Bible Story Guide for Preschoolers

I absolutely love Easter, not only as a holiday, but because most of my favorite candies are out, daylight savings is always nearby, and my kids love to hunt for things. It’s wonderful!

When my older son was 2, I was often the teacher for his room at church, which is how I learned that telling a whole group of 2-3 years olds the Easter story is delightful.

In preschool, the only truth a child needs to know about God is this: God’s good. Many Bible stories are examples of that goodness, like creation, welcome the children, calming a storm.

When Easter comes, we build on this one truth. Preschoolers love to celebrate that Jesus is alive.

This free Easter Story Guide is called Sad Day, Happy Day. I love that it tells the story by focusing on Jesus, without adding any extra layers relating to sin. While it includes that Jesus dies, Good Friday doesn’t take over the story. (Sin and Good Friday are both more appropriate to begin around age 6.)

You can use the Story Guide at home as a family, or for a Children’s Ministry, just make the pictures and Easter eggs giant-sized for a teacher to tell to a group.

To use this story guide with your preschool-aged child, follow these steps:

  1. Print the story guide & pictures.
  2. Cut the pictures out. Put one pictures in each of 6 Easter eggs. If you don’t have Easter eggs, you can draw an egg on the back of the pictures, and place them egg-side up, emoji side down.
  3. Be sure to write down which egg holds which picture.
  4. Read the story with your child, inviting them to reveal the pictures along the way.
  5. OPTIONAL: If you’d like, you can download Hip Hip Hooray and/or Easter Surprise from an album called Singin’ Praise Tots in iTunes and close the story with a dance party.

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