What’s Ask Away? Learn more about our podcast for kids

In the summer of 2020, I realized my kids and I needed a new rhythm for exploring Bible stories together. So we began driving to a prayer labyrinth at a local church–one of the only outdoor spaces that was open at that time in the pandemic. They’d run around it for fun, and then we’d settle in with a regular Bible and read one story, then pray the labyrinth together.

Along the way, they’d interrupt. A lot.

And I wasn’t sure I liked it.

But then I started to realize how the interruptions invited connections–to other stories, to their emotions, to the people in the story.

This is still what we do, only now we do it in a pillow pile, with a small microphone, and call it Ask Away.

In each 10 minute episode I tell one Bible story, and my kids jump in along the way. Then kid listeners send us their questions to talk about!

What you won’t find is a show meant to increase kids’ biblical literacy in some abstract and academic way. Nor will you find the humans of the stories reduced to heroes or villains to copy or avoid, respectively.

What you will find is that we look for who God is in the stories and we let kids’ questions lead the way. We explore, and wonder, and take guesses. We tell kids that whatever it is they wonder about God or the Bible, this is the place where they can they can ask away.

Check out the show’s 2 minute intro and find other episodes on iTunes. We are creating a new season for the fall of 2021. But we are always accepting questions about any Bible story or faith topic.