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Senior Prom 2012

Senior Prom 2012

Each year, we invite senior citizens from our community to Prom, a night of dinner and dancing.  About 100 guests come and are paired with about 25 of our students, and everyone spends a few hours enjoying the food, the music, and the ocean view. Those two ladies made this whole thing happen.  Invitations, catering, … Continue reading

Wanna Work in My Office?

My students are recruiting for the 2012-13 staff. They picked the theme ‘Live Your Passion’ and created this video, full of little funnies from our office. It’s a little slice of what this environment feels like.  Enjoy.

50 Years

50 Years

Each year our school honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with the Week of Peace, Hope and Justice.  The week involves a variety of activities, speakers, service opportunities and field trips oriented towards increasing intercultural competency on our campus. I loved the week the students designed this year, even though I’ve not been at … Continue reading

Those Two Little Words

We ‘professional’ service types–volunteer coordinators, non-profit staff, church staff, and the like–have a common weakness. We have lots and lots of them, but here is one. We often do not thank our teams enough, especially in the ways we should. (Volunteers everywhere are saying, “Yeah, no s–, um, …. duh.”) The words, ‘Thank you,’ may … Continue reading

Lessons from Students

If I could go back to my August self and say, “Hey, here are some things to keep in mind this school year.  You may just want to be aware of them as you work with your student team,” then here is what I’d say to me: Sometimes, the event really does comes together at … Continue reading

Student Leadership is Awesome?

I found out I was having twins about 12 days ago and haven’t been able to get my head around writing ever since.  Since I usually post at least three times a week, taking a full seven days off not only without writing, but honestly, without even a single idea for writing feels strange and … Continue reading

How They Do It: Bed Fast

How They Do It: Bed Fast

This week is the National Week of Hunger and Homelessness, devoted to raising awareness and action on behalf of those who experience food insecurity or homelessness in our community.  During the week, our team hosts a variety of events to help engage our school on this issue.  Here are the top three things my students … Continue reading

Working, Not Waiting

Two students coordinate all of our Spring Break Service Trips–18 teams at both domestic and international locations for a week.  A few days before the trips leave, we bring them together for a Send-Off event. Last year I had the pleasure of working with Michael Miguel, who was the coordinator for two years in a … Continue reading

Why Student Leadership?

Because 2 of my students sat in the cafeteria for 3 lunch hours and got 100 people to give blood at a Red Cross drive we’re hosting this week. Think anyone would have stopped to sign up if I was at that table?  (Hint:  not really.)  But peers have an ‘in’; especially when the ones … Continue reading