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Fire by Judy Sorum Brown

Someone was kind enough to send me this poem after hearing the teaching from Wednesday at Willow’s Midweek.  The imagery captures space so well, so I wanted to share it here. Fire   What makes a fire burn is space between the logs, a breathing space. Too much of a good thing, too many logs … Continue reading

Speaking at Willow Midweek – Chasing Wisdom

Hi there!  Just popping in with an update! Last night I had the privilege of teaching at Willow’s Midweek service–how fun is that?!  We’re in a series called Chasing Wisdom, studying Proverbs, and I looked at the character Woman Wisdom, especially in Proverbs 8.  All the messages from the series, including mine, are uploaded here if you’d … Continue reading

Time with The Practice

I was so grateful to spend last Sunday night with the Practice Tribe.  This community has been a gift to us and it was such a pleasure to offer the message on our 4th beatitude:  “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” You can here the talk and … Continue reading

Instead of “Application”, Respond

I’ve been writing a bit about some of the shifts we’ve made in recent years in our children’s ministry’s curriculum, such as dropping “Application Oriented”.  What we’re doing instead has been so much richer, and I wanted to talk about that today: Insofar as Christian faith is not an ‘it’ to be lived out, but rather a … Continue reading

Taking Stock

Taking Stock

Ages ago I loved Becca’s post over at While You Were Napping, and I’ve kept the template ever since.  This was surprisingly hard to fill in, I found, which was a clue that I probably need to do it more often, just for myself.   Making: Plans for a date with Curtis.  We are celebrating our birthdays … Continue reading

For My Mom, In Her Retirement

A month ago, my mom retired from her role as Dean of Continuing Education at a community college in southern California.  On Friday she arrived in Chicagoland, and Riley is over the moon. (So am I.) Each of my parent’s retirements have made me reflect on my own life and career, and before it slips away, I want … Continue reading

On Creativity and Corner Markets

On Creativity and Corner Markets

Note: I wrote this post several months back, while we were in CA, but forgot to publish it. So here’s the thing I want to say today… Artists, poets, writers, photographers, painters, musicians, the so called “creative types”, do not have a corner market on revealing the fingerprints of God. Because God is creator, our … Continue reading

On Donuts, Mind Reading, and Love

On Donuts, Mind Reading, and Love

Monday was my birthday. On Sunday night, as we finished up the dishes, I told Curtis, “So tomorrow, I want Donut Drop donuts, scrambled eggs with cheese and avocado, and to sleep in. Then I want to take Riley to the zoo.” “What kind of donuts?” he responded. “What kind of donuts?” Not, “picky-picky” or … Continue reading