Other Writing & Speaking


Family Ministry:  Good Things Come in Threes

Riding the Highs and Lows of Teenage Faith Development:  Identity Formation and the Importance of Moratorium*

Sacred Pathways Toward Sticky Faith

Sticky College Campuses:  Insights for College Leaders

Strengthening Families:  How Family Assets Support Us All

The Lockbox Theory’s Implications for Your Students

Your God Is Too Small:  Charting Students’ Changing Views of God*

*Co-authored with Kara Powell

Guest Posts

I’m an Egalitarian and a Stay at Home Mom – The Junia Project

Becoming an Egalitarian in Greek– the true story of changing my husband’s mind about gender roles

Grieving in our Twenties – All Groan Up


I’ve enjoyed speaking, preaching, leading workshops and seminars to groups of all ages and sizes.  If you’re interested in connecting about an upcoming event, I’d love to talk!
Sample:   Pepperdine Chapel


Workshops for Collegians

Sacred Rhythms: a workshop on orienting our lives to draw close to God – We all need to create patterns that help us draw near to God.  What’s more, those patterns should be unique to who he made us.  Explore practices that can infuse you with life and consider how you will practically integrate those practices into your regular schedule.

The Middle Matters: a workshop exploring why we work for justice –  Help your students grow in their understanding of justice and how it impacts multiple issues in our community.  They will also have the opportunity to articulate the foundation for their commitment to justice while also exploring what it means to have a Christian foundation for seeking justice.

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