The Launch Pod – Episode 3 – Good News

On the third episode of The Launch Podcast for Pomona Valley Church, we dive into a theological disconnect that impacts the effectiveness of the church:  what exactly is the good news?  If the answer is too narrow, it can become irrelevant. We explore the alternative: how a re-expanded understanding of the gospel, and a church that … Continue reading

The Launch Pod – Episode 2 – Bridging the Gaps

We still have a podcast!  And now it has two episodes!  Oooohh, aaaaah…. Anyhow…  People are increasingly disconnected from the Church, but does it have to be that way?  On Episode 2 of The Launch Podcast, Curtis and I explore a few of the major obstacles we are seeing–some practical, some theological, and some cultural–and … Continue reading

We have a podcast! About our church!

Hi there! Since our big update last month, we’ve been moving steadily along (in a westward direction!) Our house is on the market, we keep learning a ton, and we went on a long-planned California trip with the kids (during the insane-cold week of Chicago–win!) We also created a podcast! As we keep dreaming of … Continue reading

Where We Are

In all of this, we have been praying, more than anything, for clarity. One part of God’s answer to us has been getting clear about a dream.  We just keep dreaming about this future church. We dream of a church that brings the fullness of the gospel to a diverse, educated, progressive context like Claremont, CA–a … Continue reading

Where We’ve Been

“I know what we should do.” In late July of 2016, Curtis caught my attention while he was pulling weeds in our front yard. I stood in our blacktop driveway, while the boys drew on it with sidewalk chalk. The question was what we should do…with our lives. I’d wish it was “What should we … Continue reading

Fire by Judy Sorum Brown

Someone was kind enough to send me this poem after hearing the teaching from Wednesday at Willow’s Midweek.  The imagery captures space so well, so I wanted to share it here. Fire   What makes a fire burn is space between the logs, a breathing space. Too much of a good thing, too many logs … Continue reading