Water Over Ice

“Here’s one that hasn’t come up yet,” Curtis told me, “Ice isn’t the most slippery, water over ice is.” All winter he’s been briefing me on things I needed to know—how to drive in snow; what to be aware of on winter roads.  Now that spring is breaking in, the snow is melting during the … Continue reading

Generous 2015 – No Spend Month

We’re almost done with No Spend Month, which reminds me to log the most recent grocery run in my Spending Tracker App. I have used it faithfully, and it has in turn betrayed me by telling me that we cannot live exclusively on my salary. Unless we stop cutting our hair. As usual (we’ve done at least … Continue reading


Sunday we braved a bone-fide pre-blizzard (the official warning started at 2pm) to head to church. Given that we both work at the church, going wasn’t much of a question.  But it still feels kind of tough and rugged to say we slogged through the very poorly plowed roads in the snow to get there. Riley moved … Continue reading

Generous 2015

In 5 weeks, we are scheduled to close on our Illinois house.  Two months after that is my due date for Peyton.  To celebrate, I am going day to day as if that isn’t a whole heap of change and work coming our way. As if time will just move slowly.  You know, the way … Continue reading

I Made a Craft

I Made a Craft

I do not craft.  I do not Pin craft ideas, or DIY this and thats.  Crafting makes me tired, and it falls right near the top of Things I Don’t Do, below cooking, of course, which is always at the top. But this past week, I made a craft.  Specifically, I made a felt Nativity … Continue reading

On Ferguson, a list.

This is me, extending my hand towards Ferguson. (At least, I drafted it with this community in mind. Then it sat for weeks and weeks. I scheduled it before the Eric Garner decision was announced. But I’m too sad, angry and confused to fold thoughts about that into this. So I will let this stay … Continue reading

Heaven Holding Sorrow

I recently heard this lyric: Earth has no sorrow that heaven can’t hold. Sometimes I wonder if our conception of heaven as painless and perfect makes us think that it–and the God who dwells there–is distant from our current pain and imperfection. That wonderful place above can’t understand our circumstances here below.  We find ourselves feeling … Continue reading