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Why you should break Lent on Sundays

At work we’ve had some friendly disagreements about the way we look at Lenten fasts (Lenten Fast = fancy Christian word for choosing to sacrifice something from Ash Wednesday to Easter.  It may be an abstention, like from a favorite food, or it may be a gift, like offering your time to a cause.) Yes, … Continue reading

It’s Good Friday

It’s Good Friday

  Today is a day to tell disease it cannot claim us to tell oppressors to back down to tell violence that its hand is weakening. Today is a day to tell depression that its grip must slaken. ~ And disease will scoff, and oppressors will mock. Violence will laugh wickedly, while depression attempts to … Continue reading

Just Another Lent Post

I hope by now you’ve read something good about Lent.  The best reflection I read this year was from The Fog Blog.  It just covered all the basics so well. My all time favorite Lent Sermon, the one that started me observing Lent in the first place was from Ash Wednesday 2003, by Telford Work, … Continue reading