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How They Do It: Bed Fast

How They Do It: Bed Fast

This week is the National Week of Hunger and Homelessness, devoted to raising awareness and action on behalf of those who experience food insecurity or homelessness in our community.  During the week, our team hosts a variety of events to help engage our school on this issue.  Here are the top three things my students … Continue reading

College Matters? Majorly.

There is a script in U.S. culture that many young people have memorized.  “You have to go to college because that’s how you get a good job.  There just aren’t as many opportunities without a degree.” On the whole, it’s hard to say this isn’t true, although when you start to nuance things, it is … Continue reading

Sunday Times: Master’s = New Bachelors?

As I caught up with a family friend last week, she mentioned that her recent college grad is about to, “start looking for employment.  At least that’s my story for her.  She may have a different one if you ask her.”  And indeed she may, since the trend is towards the Master’s as the new Bachelor’s, … Continue reading

Power and Permanence

This past year, through work, I became familiar with School on Wheels, an organization that tutors homeless children in the Los Angeles area.  We are partnered with their Downtown Learning Center, a wonderful space at the border of Skid Row where about 30 kids come for regular homework help. Today I was excited to see that the … Continue reading