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Stand…part 3 of 3

I spoke to our university students in chapel last Wednesday.  This is part 3 of the message I wrote for them.  Read part 1 and part 2 … All other writing on losing the girls can be seen by clicking the tag ‘grief,’ above. Ten weeks ago my daughters died.  And I could hear the music enticing me to bow.  … Continue reading

Stand…part 2 of 3

I spoke in chapel last week, on losing the girls, Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego, and what I’ve been learning these past two months.  Read part 1 first, and here is part 2… We have no idea what went wrong.  It was unpredictable, a fluke.  And we’re never going to know why.  So for the past … Continue reading

Stand…part 1 of 3

I spoke in chapel at our university last Wednesday, filling in for the man who was scheduled.  He was a beloved member of our university community, and passed away suddenly last week.  Here’s what I said to our students.  I’ll post it in three parts, to keep the length manageable. I am supposed to be 29 … Continue reading

Mis-quote worthy Wednesdays

Mis-quote worthy Wednesdays

There are things we say about God and faith that do not come from the Bible itself and that are true nevertheless.  Think about the lyrics to our worship songs or good writing on faith-related topics, for instance. There are also things we say about God and faith that do not come from the Bible … Continue reading

Just Another Lent Post

I hope by now you’ve read something good about Lent.  The best reflection I read this year was from The Fog Blog.  It just covered all the basics so well. My all time favorite Lent Sermon, the one that started me observing Lent in the first place was from Ash Wednesday 2003, by Telford Work, … Continue reading

My [Non] Resolution

My [Non] Resolution

This New Year is first time in I don’t know how long I’m making zero resolutions.  I began to ask myself why that is, and realized a few things. One, I’ve never really made sincere efforts at resolutions.  If I’m honest, resolutions are more of an “everyone kinda sorta does them, shouldn’t I?” thing.  So … Continue reading

Why I’m Going to Church on Christmas

Every so often, Christmas day is a Sunday.  Apparently this is cause for commotion and crabbiness. It sounds something like this, depending on what your local congregation decides to do with their worship gathering. Wait…you’re not having Christmas Eve services?!?!?! (Like our church this year.) Wait…you’re not having Christmas Day services?!?!?! (The decision of a … Continue reading


Today the wonderful people over at the Fuller Youth Institute published a little article by yours truly on Sticky Faith and the college environment.  If you’re interested, you can read it here.

God in My Nausea

Exactly 48 hours after I became pregnant, I became nauseous.  And it stayed.  All day.  Every day. That’s one way to remember the precious gift of a small human growing inside you. But seriously, it is. I have friends who would kill to be nauseous. So I have tried to redeem the nausea.  The nausea reminds … Continue reading