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On Ferguson, a list.

This is me, extending my hand towards Ferguson. (At least, I drafted it with this community in mind. Then it sat for weeks and weeks. I scheduled it before the Eric Garner decision was announced. But I’m too sad, angry and confused to fold thoughts about that into this. So I will let this stay … Continue reading

In College, I Made Mistakes

I’m sure I’m alone in this, but in college, I made mistakes.  A decade later, I went to Pepperdine and told them three of them.  If you’d like to know what they were, you can watch the video below. (Also, the talented spoken word artist near the end is Demi McCoy. I told ya’ll, I … Continue reading


I haven’t written because I feel a bit like I suck at life right now.  Do you ever have those times? Like, people who are good at life make sure to keep in touch with their friends, getting at least a text in there somehow. People who are good at life don’t fall so far … Continue reading

Enough.  The ‘Content in 2012’ Remix.

Enough. The ‘Content in 2012’ Remix.

Remember how my non-resolution for the New Year was to be content in 2012?  And then 8 days later my daughters died?  Well, even so, I haven’t given up on that word for this year. I’m captivated right now by the idea of enough. Enough. Enough and content are related, I think.  Cousins, maybe. Content … Continue reading